Who We are

Empowering Asia Language and Culture Center (EALCC) is Joint Venture of Regional Industry Partnership Cooperative (RIPC), Iwate, Japan. RIPC has been established for job recruitment agency (License number: 許1802000402) and as registration support agency (Registration number:19登ー000276). Finding a job or contracting abroad is a huge challenge for people of developing nation wanting to go to Japan. It is also important to have good relation with such agency for the safety and security of Nepalese going to work in Japan very soon.

RIPC has received the license of accepting foreign employees for skill intern training and specified skilled worker in Japan. Furthermore, RIPC is also a registration support agency with the function of preparation of VISA and assisting foreign employee to guarantee smooth placement of foreign worker in Japan. RIPC has a huge network of accepting agencies and industries that are in need of Nepali human resource. RIPC also has a great training facility and students from EALCC can apply for internship facilities in Japan. Proficient students can be placed for Job in Japan. EALCC is a social business from the investors of Japan Regional Industry Partnership Cooperative (RIPC) who have been previously supporting education and disaster relief activities in Nepal.

Many Nepali people go to Japan with inadequate proficiency of Japanese language and Japanese culture and thus have difficulty working in Japan. Nepalese also tend to become least preferred human resource in Japan as we fail to properly align our self with their culture in Japan. Also many Nepali have Japanese Language proficiency but don’t know what to do next. The purpose of EALCC is to prepare Nepali with proficient language and culture of Japan which makes Nepali the preferable human resource for Japan in future. We have spacious campus with multiple classes, library, audio visual room and lawn for informal conversation for effective learning of language and culture. We have a comprehensive curriculum taught by a faculty Japanese and Nepali teachers. The aim of this school is not only to prepare students for Japanese language proficiency test but also counsel students and workers to have a lucrative career in Japan along with preparation of necessary documentation. For students who already have Japanese Language proficiency, we directly find you a working opportunity in Japan.